Feeding the Crew

Feeding the cats is incredibly easy. Kibble, water and kitty treats to entice them home in the evening. Their favorite kibble is Nutro Max Cat chicken flavor, but my checking account prefers the Costco brand.  Lucky for them I haven’t been able to make it to Costco lately.

Our betta, “the fish with no name” receives pellets every morning and we give him bloodworms as a treat. He is one of the easiest pets when it comes to feeding since there aren’t that many food options. The biggest concern is overfeeding which can lead to illness, so most experts suggest feeding the amount of pellets that the betta can consume in two minutes. The heavy labor with him is cleaning out his tank and my daughter takes care of that.

Feeding Delilah the gecko is a little more complicated because she is a princess and only wants to be hand fed her wax worms. The thing is, she has her own schedule – one that she has not shared with us – consequently there are times we offer her food and she has no interest.  Hopefully, my daughter will figure out her feeding rhythms eliminating the possibility of under feeding.

Mr. Leo Diggs, our cute little bunny, primarily eats timothy hay and a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, because we do not feed him pellets. He also gets treats in the form of alfalfa and seed mixtures. He is not picky and is always up to try anything new (bunny safe of course) that we give him.  In the evening when we call the cats inside, he gets his little bunny cookies and the cats get their treats as a reward for coming home. When we let him roam, we have to make sure to move the cat kibble because he will eat it even though it is not healthy for him.

Believe it or not the dogs were the ones that brought feeding complications to the table. There were several different periods where I cooked food for Mr. Squishy due to his health issues and then gave kibble and canned food to Simon and Betsy. That all changed when Simon experienced both upper and lower GI (gastro-intestinal) issues and was hospitalized for a day or two, then was sent home with an insane regimen of medicine and prescribed canned food during his recovery.

At this point, I wanted to find food that all the dogs could consume, meaning high protein and low fat and it was then that I realized the kibble had more protein than the high quality canned food I had been buying! Seriously, if you have pets I would suggest taking a look at the labels. I finally settled on Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Chicken, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Kibble and Fresh Pet Vital Grain Free (Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Egg, Cranberries and Spinach) in the refrigerated section. This seemed to work for all the dogs and we did not have any more health scares.

Recently, I have been looking into moving the dogs into a raw diet. One reason is that Betsy has recently started rejecting the kibble and only wanting to eat the Fresh Pet food and the other is that there are health benefits, and yes, less poop to scoop. I recently placed an order with Soul’y Raw as a trial run to see if the dogs would enjoy this new world of raw. First, I gave them a beef trachea to eat and then waited over an hour (as recommended) and gave them a mixture of the organic chicken blend and grass fed beef.

simon got treats 2

Simon will eat anything – even kale – and he eats so quickly I had to resort to feeding him in this bowl because he would end up waking me up in the middle of the night with gas. In this case, Betsy was the true measure of success here and she LOVED it. The only problem is that feeding raw can be really, really expensive especially if you buy pre-made products like I did for the test run. Most people will tell you to invest in a large freezer, buy in bulk and make sure that you are providing a balanced diet of meat, bone, liver and other organs.

betsy sloppy kisser 2

For now, I am going to spend time learning more and giving the dogs turkey necks and other meaty bones prior to their normal dinner so their raw cravings are satisfied.



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